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Tailgate at our Open House!!

Tailgate at church?  That just does not even sound right.  Right?  What does tailgating have to do with church?  Well, probably nothing …  but it has a lot to do with hanging out with great people and enjoying ourselves.


Well Cypress Meadows wants to invite you and your friends to our open house.  We don’t have a fancy new building to show off – matter of fact it’s over 20 years old.  But what we do have, is a great bunch of people.  So rather than come out and check out a building, we want you to come meet the people that call Cypress their church home.


We like themes – so with our open house the theme we chose is – Tailgating.  After all it is football season – and we (most of us anyway) like football.  So come out and enjoy – meet some new people.  Eat some traditional tailgate fare – we will have games and activities for the kids.. we will even have the games on TV.  There is just a couple rules – You have to have fun and meet some new people – and even though its a tailgate, and it has to be church drinks.


We have 3 weekend services –

Saturday at 6:00 PM

Sunday at 9:15 and 11:00 AM.

The party starts right after services..


My Story Interrupted

MSI_webslide2Story Interrupted: The inevitable is not always…inevitable. The ink on the last chapter of the story is not dry. Stories can take good twists and turns and go a new direction. God is in the story interrupting business. Join us at Cypress for the month of August as we see how God writes new endings. 


Click Here to listen to the weekend teachings for this series


You’ve Got Style

Fashion – home decor – accents and attitudes – different ways of expressing ourselves. We call it style and we all have one. Even the way we draw near to God has a style. Quiet – loud – outside – within – in word or deed. Our expressions of worship can be as varied as we are, but which way is the right way?  The answers may surprise you!


To take the Sacred Pathways online profile to determine your “style” in walking with God – please click here

Date Night Guide #8

Hello Married people.  Who doesn’t like to play games?  Not like those “mind games” but just fun, enjoyable games.  We have provided another fun “guide” for your dating enjoyment.  Simple click on the link below – print it out – follow the conversation topics and enjoy the date.


Date Guide #8



Date Night Guide #7

OK Married People…the car is all gassed up and the tunes are ready to crank.  All you need is a map.  That’s where this month’s DATE GUIDE comes in.  Click the link below to download a copy or pick one up when you drop your kids off tomorrow (Friday) night at Studio 4:12 for FREE CHILDCARE from 6:30-9pm.  Should be another great night!  See you then…

Date Night Guide #7

Date Night!

It’s that time again married people!  Due to OrangeXplosion earlier this month, DATE NIGHT has been moved from it’s usual 3rd Friday perch to this Friday night.  And since it is Labor Day Weekend, we thought some of you might want/need to “take this thing on the road”.  For that reason we designed this date around a “road trip” theme.  Don’t worry, you can still complete this date within the confines of our lovely little community, but if you are indeed bound for the open road this weekend then this Date Night is the perfect one for you.  So fill the tank, download some travelling tunes, grab your keys, a map, some lip balm and your honey, and check back on Thursday to print off this month’s date guide.  Those staying in town can still drop the kids off with us if you need to (we’ll be here from 6:30 – 9pm on Friday night).  Hope to see you all then!

Have you found Jesus?

…apparently He’s on eBay. Yes, one of our OX families found this Jesus action figure, complete with “poseable arms and gliding action”, on eBay and sent the link in to earn an extra entry into our fabulous prize drawings, which will take place tomorrow.  So take this as your reminder to read back over the past two weeks of blog entries and make sure your family has done everything possible to maximize your chances of taking home a prize.  And then be sure to join us tomorrow night at 6:15 for our End-of-OX Family Fun Night Party (where everyone is a winner cause the prize is FREE family fun!).  We’ll start off with a brief program inside and then move outside for the party, so don’t forget to bring your bathing suits and towels, your biggest smiles (for our family-sized photo booth) and any other families you might know who could use a great night out with some great company.  Should be a great time.  Until then – 3…2…1…EXPLODE!

OX Off-Day Challenges

Hello OX Families,

Hope you are all recovering from reminiscing about a great time of family fun last night.  I’m just now starting to regain my senses after being slammed in the face a couple dozen times and thought I’d fill you in on our official OrangeXplosion 2.0 Off-Day Challenges.  Though we think spending time with your family and/or serving others is it’s own reward, for every challenge that you complete, we will also add another entry for your family into our fabulous prize drawings.  Here are the challenges:

1)  We talked last night about Family Traditions, like a game night or certain dinner, car ride or bedtime routines, that help build the parent-child relationship and create lasting memories.  What, if any, traditions does your family have that other families might like to incorporate into their daily or weekly routines to promote such healthy family interactions?  Write your family tradition in the comment section, so that everyone can see it.

2)  One of the things that brings a family closer is serving others together.  The Cypress Family is actively involved in serving others in Kenya, in Haiti, and in our own backyard (Clearwater).  Currently our downtown street ministry has a great need for men’s clothing and the Springs of Hope orphanage in Kenya has a need for underwear, pajamas, and shoes for kids ages 2-13 (you can check out the specific type of shoes that work best by clicking here).  We will have an area set up on Wednesday and Friday night to receive any of these items if you are able to donate.  For those families who may be looking for a larger challenge, the Cypress Family also are currently raising funds to sponsor 300 students at our sister church and school in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti.  You can find out more about this endeavor and/or sponsor a child by clicking here.

3)  One of the “apps” that we will be talking about this week is the “eBay” app.  We are hoping to find pictures of some of the silliest things that people try to sell on eBay.  Take a look as a family and see what silly things you can find.  Then send us the link(s) using this contact form and the subject heading “OX eBay Challenge”.

4)  If you have not yet done so, you can also still earn an extra entry for your family by “liking” our Families at Cypress Facebook page.

That’s all for now.  Until tomorrow – 3…2…1…EXPLODE!

It’s almost time!

Hey Families,

We are now less than 24 hours from the 1st night of OrangeXplosion 2.0!  Just a few last minute tips for you as you prepare for some FREE family fun –

>If you haven’t registered yet, please do.  Not only does it let us know you are coming, but it also enters you in a drawing for some fabulous prizes – you can register for FREE by clicking here.

>Be sure to read back over the past week or two’s posts on the official OrangeXplosion blog to get all the inside info on this year’s OX event, including how to better your chances of winning those fabulous prizes.

>Invite other families to join you for this FREE family-friendly event.  The more the merrier.

>Grab your family’s favorite board or card game(s) and plan to stay for our first OX Family Game Night.

>Throw on your most fashionable orange duds and meet us here at Cypress at 6:15pm ready to have some serious fun (note: the orange duds are optional – the fun, however, is not)

See you there!

Until then – 3…2…1…EXPLODE!

Family Game Night

In addition to providing parents with ideas that we, the Family Ministries Team, think are helpful to parents in passing their faith on to their children in fun, effective ways, we also want to capitilize on another strength of OX events – community. You see, we believe that some of the best parenting ideas that we be present at OX2.0 will not be onstage, but will be sitting next to you at your table in the form of other families’ traditions, habits, and experiences. That’s why we have always ended OrangeXplosion events with some sort of social activity that allows families to interact with one another and this year we want to be even more intentional about this. For this reason, we’d like to announce our first ever OX Family Game Night immediately following the conclusion of our first night of OX2.0 on Monday, August 13th. We believe that a regularly scheduled time of having fun together as a family at home is critical to the parent-child relationship and so we are inviting every family to bring their favorite family-friendly game(s) to share. We’ll pop some popcorn, have lots of fun, and hopefully walk away with both a sense of the importance of such practices and some fun, new game ideas to boot.  Just be sure to mark any games you bring with you clearly, so we can be sure to get them back to you when we are done.  Should be a great time.  Hope to see you all there!