What to Expect at Cypress Meadows

If you’re interested in stopping by one of our weekend services for the first time we want to help make that experience as stress-free as possible.

First things first, you’re going to want to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start time of the service you choose. This will give you a chance to park, grab a cup of Haitian Singing Rooster coffee, and get acclimated to our campus.

Once you step through the main doors of the biggest building on our campus you’ll find the information center and the restrooms – two of the most important places you might need to visit during your time here at Cypress. Luckily they’re right across the entryway from one another.

If you’ve got kids that are within the newborn to 3 year old range you’ll want to check out the Treehouse. The Treehouse is located just outside the main auditorium doors. Within the Treehouse you’ll find an infant nursery, a classroom for children who are walking but not yet 3 years old, and a family viewing room especially designed for families that need a quieter, more baby friendly, atmosphere to enjoy the service together.

If you’ve got kids that are 3 years old up to 6th grade, feel free to explore Studio 4:12, the smaller of the two buildings on our campus. The Clubhouse houses our 3 Plus class, for children who are not yet in Kindergarten, as well as the Kindergarten-1st grade class. Our 2nd through 5th graders meet for Kid’s Connection in the main room of Studio 4:12 for worship and then break out in to grade-based small groups. Our Amped Student Ministry is available for middle schoolers in the Amped room both services on Sunday mornings. Classes for newborn – 5th grade are also available during the Saturday night service.

Once you’ve got your littlest family members settled or if you’re kid-free follow the double doors past in the lobby into our main auditorium. During our main services you’ll experience amazing worship, practical teaching, and multi-media art that delivers the truth of God’s word in an impactful and relevant way no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.

Church is about people and people need connections, so after the service feel free to hang out, meet some new people, and enjoy some more of our delicious Haitian Singing Rooster coffee on the patio. Don’t feel like you need to rush off, we certainly don’t.