Our Story

When a green “fresh out of seminary” Pastor from Nebraska and his young bride showed up here, in the middle of a field, 35 years ago they had no idea what God was going to do…but they knew God. They knew His power and they knew His heart. Today, thirty-five years later we’re celebrating all that God’s done in this community through this church and we’re looking forward to what He has in store for us next.

For our first 15 years Cypress Meadows was located on a tiny little two lane county road. Back then, were called Countryside Chapel and we met in the building across the parking lot which originated as a horse stable.

We quickly outgrew the confines of the stable and in 1984 added on to make room for even more people seeking the grace of God. In 1990 we had to build again, this time an entire new auditorium and in 2008 our children’s ministry was expanding so quickly we had to renovate the old stables and give the next generation the gift of their very own building, Studio 4:12.

We have committed over and over again to do ANYTHING short of sin to extend God’s grace to everyone we can. We’ve brought in big names and talent anywhere from professional super-bowl ring wearing athletes to award winning recording artists.

We’ve hung aerialists from our ceiling, built TO SCALE homes on our stage, and painted members of this body of faith BLUE from head to toe. And we’ve seen our body increase from 29 in an old horse stable in 1981 to an amazing 750 this past Easter and (get ready to say “Yea God!!”) we have baptized over 600 people over the last 35 years! All together now, “YEA GOD!”

Over the last 35 years we’ve seen a lot, been through a lot accomplished a lot, and learned A LOT…

But the most amazing thing we celebrate today is that over the last 35 years…We’ve invited, prayed, created, been broken, worshiped, cried, celebrated, done weddings, funerals, baby dedications, laughed with one another, done life together and because of it, God has been faithful to lead hundreds of people from this community and beyond to accept His undeserved and eternity-altering Grace into their lives for the very first time.

Over the last 35 years our hairstyles have improved, our families have grown, McMullen Booth Road has gotten a lot busier, life has surprised us, we’ve said goodbye to old friends and hello to new ones.

And through it all God has remained faithful, and we can’t wait to see what He does over the next 35 years!!

Statement of Faith – What We Believe