Summer 2017

This summer, our good friend Stefan Van Voorst is returning in June to teach a three week series. Stefan is the Executive Director of One2One Mentoring centered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a master story teller who gets life and who gets God's grace and leaves you feeling like he prepared the teaching just for you.

Spit & Dirt

July 22-23, 2017     

     Douglas Poole


July 15-16, 2017     

     Douglas Poole

Freedom in Surrender

July 1-2, 2017     

     Brian Crook

Loving God and Loving People Are Inseparable

June 24-25, 2017     

     Stefan Van Vroost

"All" is the Key Word 

​​​​​​​June 17-18, 2017     

     Stefan Van Vroost

It's All About Relationships

June 10-11, 2017     

     Stefan Van Vroost​​​​​​​